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Hello, I'm
Dann Carlo

Civil Engineer / Programmer


  • Name: Dann Carlo Reformado
  • Email: danncarloreformado@gmail.com
  • Phone: (+63) 945 785 0386
  • Date of birth: 13 February 2000
  • Address: Talaba 1, Bacoor, Cavite
  • Nationality: Filipino

Professional Profile


Just My Awesome Skills

Displayed are the 4 primary skills that I encompass. Skills that are driven by passion and the hunger for creation.

Structural Works

Design & Analysis

Architectural Works

Design & Drafting

Website Development

Front and Back-end


Algorithms, Data Analysis, and etc.


There are the stuffs that builds up myself. Combine and fit it together, and you will basically build me.

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Decision Making
  • Positivity
  • Attention to details

In-depth Skills

These are to showcase more detailed representation of my skills, both hard-skills and specialized-skills.

Microsoft Office
Project Management
Project Organization


Skills with supported experience!

Explore the application of skills that molded my knowledge and wisdom for my crafts.

The Happly: A social media web-app offering job and service listings (Jobs, Spots, and Events). Engaging community with trending hashtags and popular searches. Focused on providing earning opportunities and user preferences.

What are the available features of The Happly?

Job / Spot / Event posting
(including deletion system)

Job / Spot application

Event interested system
(including auto notification when a user interested event is ongoing)

Status posting
(including deletion system)

Comments system
in post and job
(including deletion system)

The Happly Topics

Searching system

Follow system
(ability to follow user or company)

Notification system

Chatting system

User Verification system

User settings update system

Create Company system

Advertisement system
(in alpha stage)

Administration system
(including but not limited to blocking and viewing reports, posting to help forum)

Saving System
(ability to save the post, job, and etc)

Languages used are PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Apache, MySqli.

Worked as solo/individual, including marketing, development (front-end and back-end), and etc.

Served as one of the learning passages for my web - development and programming journey. (Started with almost zero knowledge to programming, finished with adaptiveness for both front - end and back - end).

Learned and improved many valuable skills, not just in programming but also in self-traits such as, but not limited to, resiliency.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” —Dr. Seuss

Narrating the road to the career I chose, summing it up to its core.

Adamson University

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

2021 - Present

Continued my civil engineering degree during the pandemic in September 2021. Started at the 2nd year level (the same year level before I transferred from FEU Alabang).

• Comprehensively analyzed 12 structures, including 7 residential, 1 recreational, and 4 utility buildings, using STAAD.pro, which involved checking their stability and serviceability.

• Thoroughly analyzed and designed foundations for 2 buildings using STAAD Foundation in relation to each project's requirements.

• Extensively designed and architected 14 structures, each with its own architectural and structural designs, including 12 residential and 2 recreational buildings, using Autodesk Revit's capabilities, which involve massing for complicated-shaped structures.

• Properly designed 15 objects, including 11 3D objects, using AutoCAD.

• Productively created 9 Excel programs, including those for analysis and design of concrete structures and for bill of quantity (BOQ) computations.

• Joyfully hosted a seminar about Soil Foundation and attended 4 more seminars related to Civil Engineering.

• Successfully quoted a Php 9,000,000, 2-story PCSO building in Camarines Sur.

• One of the top-performing students for structural design subjects, including Steel and Timber Design, and Reinforced Concrete Design.

• Awarded as one of the best thesis presenters and co-authored one of the best research papers from our batch.

Far Eastern University Alabang

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

2018 - 2020

Started my civil engineering degree up until my 2nd year level when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

• One of the best presenter for Specialized English Subject.

• One of the top-performing students for analytical mathematics subjects, including Modern World Mathematics and Calculus.

University of Perpetual Help - Las Piñas

Senior High School

2016 - 2018

Started and finished my senior high school years here at this university. There was nothing much to share on professional achievements; Leaned more on social and interpersonal skills, like band performance, etc.

St. Peregrine Institute

Junior High School

2012 - 2016

Here is where I excel in my social skills. Started and finished my junior high school years at this institution. Improved my leadership and communication skills. Joined and won several pageant competitions.

• Unanimously elected as Vice President of the Supreme Student Government for the entire school.

• Promptly lead and engaged in 2 out-of-school activities, including grace acts for those unfortunates around the area of the school district.

• Dutifully coordinated numerous school activities, including sports and interschool events, as Vice President of the Supreme Student Government.

Maliksi Elementary School

Primary Level

2006 - 2012

The start of my educational journey. Started and finished primary education at this school. A major building block of my educational wisdom.

• Competed in 2 interschool activities, including editorial cartooning for a journalism contest and an English grammar competition.


Featuring a variety of works and applied knowledge

Displayed on these slideshows are some of my works as per their categories. It embarks on the journey of the learning I acquired through various practices and guidance. Enjoy!


Let's Keep In Touch

Transforming visions into reality. Expertise in civil engineering and programming. Equipped with the knowledge and determination to bring your ideas to life. Let's collaborate and build something extraordinary!

Dann Carlo E. Reformado
Evangelista St., Talaba 1
4102 Bacoor, Cavite
(+63) 945 785 0386

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